Like the way you work it

(wherever you need to work it)

Taking calls, meeting deadlines, writing reports. In the office, at home or, well-anywhere really. Whatever you do, and wherever you need to do it, we’ve got the tools to help you get the most out of your workday.

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    Rova Unify is proud to partner with Jabra to ensure your unified communications needs are met. From Video conference solutions for meeting rooms and huddle rooms to collaborative conference phones and noise eliminating mobile headsets, Jabra offers quality and value to respond to your hybrid workplace requirements.

    About Jabra

    We’ve engineered technology for the last 150 years that makes life look and sound better than ever. Whether you’re running a million-dollar project from your kitchen. Or running your first 5k in the park.

    Pitching over video from Toronto to Tokyo. Or getting lost in your music. Whatever you’ve got going on, we’ve got you.


    Get flexible. Stay professional.

    Since 2020, we’ve seen a huge acceleration towards a more hybrid-working future, and professionals everywhere are now dividing their time between multiple locations. From the office to the home office, and everywhere in between, a hybrid working style gives you the freedom to work wherever, whenever, and however suits you best.

    But to get the most out of your hybrid workday, you need the right tools. In fact, 85% of knowledge workers believe technology is critical to successfully working from anywhere.

    Keeping you seamlessly connected to everyone on your team, no matter where you all are.

    Keeping distractions at bay and helping you find your own oasis of calm, whatever’s going on around you.

    Keeping you flexible, adaptable, and productive.

    As 85% of businesses are looking to improve collaboration for their employees through better technology, we’ve been leading that charge for years.

    There are many reasons Jabra is the clear choice for hybrid-working professionals


    Bring your best (virtual) self to work

    More people than ever are now choosing to work from home for at least part of the working week, but 42% of office employees say they lack the equipment and technology they need to do their job effectively from their home office. As well as this, 52% are worried that the communication challenges of working from home may negatively impact their career prospects. With the right set of tools, you can minimize your commute, improve your work-life balance and enjoy all the added flexibility that hybrid working can bring, without any of the communication compromises.

    With Jabra products, you’re home free.


    If you’ve been using your laptop’s built-in camera and the headphones that came with your phone or making calls on your UC platform with a non-certified device, you won’t believe the difference when you switch to using a professional Jabra product.

    And if you’re already using Jabra products, we’ve got a whole suite of supporting technology – including outstanding video conferencing tools, portable speakerphones and industry-leading professional audio devices – to boost your setup even further.

    We’ve got the tools to help you make working from home really work.

    Discover the difference

    Professional audio and video devices reduce virtual fatigue by making everything easier on the ears and eyes. Natural-sounding conversations ensure everyone has an equal chance to hear and be heard while high-quality video ensures everyone has an equal share of the virtual space. And with powerful noise-cancelling technology, you can concentrate anywhere.

    Our professional devices are optimised for the work apps you use every day and they’re so intuitive, you won’t have to worry about extra settings or setup. Just plug them in and enjoy all the features you need to make working from home work for you.

    The right tools for the job

    Leading collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom certify devices that meet a superior standard of audio performance and seamless user experience. Jabra professional devices don’t just meet this standard, they exceed it and are recognised by leading platforms to deliver the best experience for concentration, collaboration and flexibility.

    Whatever platform you’re using, your experience will be better with a certified device.

    Make the (up)grade

    From incredible 4K Ultra-HD video quality to world-leading professional-grade audio, with new features built in to increase performance for hybrid working. We’ve got a whole suite of supporting technology to upgrade your work-from-home setup.

    So whether you’re looking to add an extra layer of professionalism, equip yourself with the perfect tools for the different locations you work from or trade in an old favorite for a newer model, we’ve got you covered.


    All together now

    All together now While working from home has increased exponentially over the past year, the office remains an important location for work, providing invaluable opportunities for in-person collaboration, socialising and nurturing team culture. In fact, 68% of workers surveyed said their ideal work week would include both home and office days.

    But offices can be distracting places, so it’s important to ensure teams are equipped for success, with a mix of quiet spaces to focus and rooms set up with high-quality video conferencing devices so they can still communicate seamlessly with those who are dialing in from elsewhere.

    Discover why Jabra is the professional’s choice for your in-office days.


    Let’s talk tech

    Technology is the glue that holds hybrid teams together and 68% of workers would prefer their managers to provide them with the professional-grade equipment needed for a standardised, company-wide, collaboration experience.

    With 81% of knowledge workers saying noise and interruptions are their biggest productivity stumbling blocks in the office, equipping every worker with a noise-cancelling, Unified Communications (UC)-certified headset that meets Microsoft’s Open Office requirements remains the best blueprint for success.

    And best of all? When you choose a UC-certified device, you get an enterprise-grade warranty, support from both Jabra and your UC platform and remote device management to make both onboarding and ongoing device maintenance completely effortless.

    Better experience. Better adoption. Better productivity.


    Bring them into the picture

    Equipping your teams with professional-grade audio devices is just one step on the journey to a seamless hybrid setup. For the best collaboration experience, you also need outstanding video conferencing tools that re-create that ‘in-person’ feeling for everyone.

    With the latest additions to the Jabra PanaCast Series, we’ve completely reinvented video collaboration, with advanced on-board AI, unique 180° field-of-view and intelligent, responsive features.

    PanaCast ensures everyone can participate equally, from anywhere.


    The whole world’s a potential workspace

    At Jabra, we’ve known for a long time that work isn’t a place you go , it’s something you do. And with a whole new era of hybrid work on the rise, it’s not just employees who stand to benefit from this added flexibility. 76% of workers surveyed said that they would prefer to work for a company that supports a hybrid working style. And with the right technology infrastructure in place, location is no barrier to recruiting the best talent from all over the world.

    With individualised video streams, collaboration technology now allows us to have the same real estate on a screen; we are all equally present in a meeting. We have our voice, we have our appearance and everyone has a seat at the virtual table. If you have technology to support this, people will feel included, regardless of whether they’re physically in the room or not.

    Holger Reisinger, Senior Vice President,

    Large Enterprise Solutions, Jabra


    Take care of the tech. And your team

    Employee wellbeing is a key consideration in any hybrid work setup and Jabra products are built to keep your teams happy and healthy in any working environment.

    • Industry-leading hearing protection ensures the highest level of hearing safety and wellbeing for headset users
    • Innovative audio and video technology delivers a more natural experience and reduces virtual fatigue
    Raising the bar on quality is one of the easiest ways to reduce fatigue. Low quality, high-noise audio is exhausting to interact with. The amount of cognitive load interacting with that kind of input is huge and makes it very difficult to have a high-level conversation.

    Excerpt from a Jabra interview with Jeff Smith,

    Head of Zoom Rooms

    Work from wherever

    With our range of outstanding professional-grade devices, any place is a workspace. In the office, at home, on the go or holed up in the local coffee shop – there’s no trade-off between convenience and professionalism.

    We believe that with the right tools, you can work from anywhere. Because anywhere works.

    That’s why we’re the professional’s choice for hybrid working.