The Perfect Video Conferencing Room Solution to Start With: Poly Studio X30

A conference call a year and half ago was a phone call. Today, the conference phone call has become a thing of the past and video is now the new conference call. The task of returning to the office for most IT professionals has become very daunting as all meeting rooms now require video capabilities in this new business environment. It would be impossible to be video ready on the return to office for most companies. We therefore often recommend to our customers to start with smaller meeting rooms first and build out your video conferencing room solutions over time.

One of the best devices to start with is the Poly Studio X30. The Studio X30 is sleek and compact and is ideal for small meeting or huddle rooms of up to 6 people. The X30 has a user-friendly setup, and no PC or Mac is required. It usually takes minutes to set up. The device can also connect with other cloud video services, such as Go-To Meeting, Ring Central, StarLeaf, BlueJeans, and more. Poly Studio X30’s smart camera is nothing short of production-quality. Its framing and tracking features ensure that it keeps visual focus in the right places throughout the entire meeting.

Some of the key features include:

  • Innovative video conferencing room solutions and technology that identifies who is speaking and focuses in on them while tracking their movements for an exceptional visual experience.
  • NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence noise-blocking innovations are integrated into the device to block out any distracting background noises for a superior full boardroom-quality audio experience.
  • The device has native Zoom and Microsoft Teams functionality imbedded.
  • 4x zoom camera, and 4 built-in microphones.
  • With wireless content sharing, anyone, including guests, can share their content, without the need for any special tools or applications.

For added versatility and functionality, users can add the TC8 touch panel (8 inches), which comes with several benefits:

  • Allows the users to control everything from the conference table with high-resolution intuitive touch display.
    The TC8 can integrate with the calendar for one touch to join a call, easily share content, adjust the camera, and change participant layouts.
  • Share content in a matter of seconds either wired or wirelessly depending on your preference. This allows for real-time collaboration which increases the efficiency, productivity, and ultimately the value of the meeting.

At Rova Products, we take a long-term approach with all our clients. As a leading audio video solutions provider, we spend time to understand their business needs which includes their day-to-day operating environment. Video meetings are now the new face to face and Rova works to provide the best telecommunication equipment and video conferencing room solutions for tomorrow’s hybrid work environments.

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