What Our Partners Are Saying About Returning to Work Post COVID

At Rova Products, our current focus is on the return to office where computing and equipment needs will change with the new reality of the hybrid work environment. Our team have been working with our customers and vendor partners to ensure that we are providing the very best solutions for a seamless return. We wanted to give you some insight from our partners to get organizations thinking about what comes next.

Jabra: Determining the Right Balance of Hybrid Work

Source: https://www.jabra.com/blog/how-to-optimize-your-return-to-the-office-for-hybrid-work/

87% of leaders globally are comfortable with flexible working conditions for knowledge-based workers. However, only 10% of companies have communicated their return to work strategy.

Jabra recommends a few ways to determine what is the best solution for you for hybrid work:

1. Find the right balance of which work is performed better at home versus at the office.
2. Consider the best place for your type of work environment from collaborative to private spaces, depending on your individual or group’s work requirements.
3. Understand employees’ needs, based on age, family situation and nature of work to determine how much time is required to be with colleagues daily, weekly or quarterly.
4. Evaluating the type of tasks you or your group typically perform will determine whether collaboration versus focus is preferred. There is no sense spending the time and energy on a commute if you require focus, and your work can be completed independently.

Achieving the optimal balance between at home and in the office work will take planning and scheduling, involving both your group members and family members. Finally, our friends at Jabra advise that once deployed, employers need to keep an open mind and be open to change and improvements as employees work through their individual needs during this transitional period.

Poly: Importance of Service Contracts

Source: https://blogs.poly.com/4-reasons-to-invest-in-poly-support-for-uc-deployments

Poly believes that the physical office will still remain central to many organizations, however video will become the critical tool that links office and remote/hybrid workers as well as business partners.

As video has now become the central tool for communication, our friends at Poly recommend the following 4 reasons to obtain a service contract:

1. This decision ensures that all of your Tech is up to date, which prevents security vulnerabilities and data breaches.
2. Access to technical experts when you need it ensuring access to the latest updates.
3. Peace of mind.
4. Control of budgeting. With Poly, support contracts are factored in the upfront cost.

Having a support contract with a telecommunications equipment manufacturer allows companies to focus on their employees and the transition while not having to worry about the technology that has become the key element to a successful transition.

Logitech: How IT Can Plan for the Return of Office Workers

Source: https://www.logitech.com/en-ca/video-collaboration/resources/think-tank/articles/article-how-it-can-plan-for-the-return-of-office-workers.html

Logitech believes that the uncertainty and change will continue when workers start returning to the office and their article outlines the following tips:

1. Prepare for the unexpected – IT staff will now be dealing with in office and at home workers at the same time. Therefore, be prepared for shifting and changing demand of this hybrid workforce.
2. Video is here to stay – With some employees at home and others in the office, all meeting rooms will require video conferencing. IT teams must ensure that video conferencing is up and running at all times.
3. Realign budgets – The change as discussed above will affect tax systems and devices. IT departments should budget for the change in usage and budget for items like increased computer processing power and cyber security, which will both be impacted by the increased demand for video applications and devices.

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