Why Your Hybrid Office Space Needs to Have Video Technology in Every Room

Hybrid work is here to stay and has been adopted by many organizations. Depending on the company, employees can now work in the office or remotely, typically from their home. Having the right technology in place not only empowers your people to work productively, but it also enables seamless collaboration and communication. That’s why having video technology in most rooms of your office space has become essential. It supports hybrid workers while creating an inclusive meeting space for everyone to participate irrespective from where they work.

Let’s explore some of the reasons why your hybrid office space needs to integrate high quality video technology in every room:

1. Connect and Collaborate: Employees can join meetings, collaborate, and communicate seamlessly, no matter where they are. Video enablement allows teams to easily exchange ideas, ask questions, and provide feedback.
2. Foster Relationships: Integrating video conferencing technology is an effective way to support your corporate culture, and boost employee engagement.
3. Drive Productivity: When workers feel connected and engaged, they are more likely to be productive and perform more effectively.
4. Convert Any Room into an Easy-to-Use Meeting Space: Rather than having to schedule meetings in specific rooms that have video conferencing capabilities, you can now expand that capability to every room affordably so that every employee can participate no matter where they are.
5. Optimize Your Real Estate: Companies that have limited meeting spaces can make the most of every square foot in your office. You no longer need to invest in multiple video conferencing systems for each meeting room.
6. Create an Inclusive Meeting Environment: Now everyone can participate, regardless of their location so remote workers and employees in different offices can feel equally involved and engaged as those in the same physical location. This in turn promotes collaboration, innovation, and a sense of belonging leading to a better and more motivated workforce.

Integrating video technology into your office space no longer has to be a design build consideration involving elaborate wiring behind your wall interiors. While there are system options that may be very effective in creating sensor driven seamless connectivity, these can be labour intensive to integrate and costly to purchase. Instead, you can take your existing rooms and simply add video conferencing capability by acquiring professional video conferencing equipment and then having your trusted provider and service integrator get you up and running in no time.

Following are some simple steps to follow when looking to implement video conferencing room solutions into your office space.

Assess Your Needs – Consider how many rooms you want to equip with video conferencing technology and the types of meetings you typically hold. You should also consider the size of the rooms and the number of participants in each meeting.

Select the Right Equipment – Next, it’s time to select the right equipment. You can source this from a Unified Communications expert or a distributor or reseller of video conferencing solutions. Look for high-quality video conferencing equipment that is easy to use and compatible with your existing systems. Consider equipment that is designed for different room sizes to ensure that you have the right equipment for each room. Reliable brands such as Poly, Jabra and Logitech provide solutions which take into account room size variations. Creating Microsoft Teams rooms can also enhance the experience with many suppliers recommending products that are optimized to work with Microsoft Teams.

Install the Equipment – Once you’ve chosen the equipment, it’s time to install it. Depending on the complexity of your system, you likely need to work with a professional integrator to ensure that everything is set up correctly. Having an equipment provider who also integrates the solution means a one-stop shop that keeps the vendors you are dealing with to a minimum.

With your rooms all technologically enabled to support your people whenever and wherever they work, your office will now have drawing power to attract workers who want the best in-office experience. At the same time, it will have the capability and flexibility to democratize the experience for remote workers ensuring that your teams do not miss a step with important projects. The result is greater social cohesion and enhanced productivity.

Rova Unify Delivers Easy-to-Install Video Conferencing Room Solutions

Rova Unify is a Unified Communications company offering extensive expertise in providing and installing video conferencing equipment to ensure that your rooms are hybrid-ready. With many options customizable to your specific needs, we are a Microsoft Teams Gold Leaf partner and have strong relationships with manufacturers like Poly, Jabra, and Logitech, which we leverage when designing and implementing the best possible solution for our customers. Contact us for more information today.

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